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8:00-tól 15:00-ig

Please, allow us to introduce our company and our sevices!

Services with manpower

One of the main profiles of our company is providing security by manpower which includes the following activities:

- Security of construction projects and properties

- Escort and transportation of money and valuables

- Protection of houses

- Program safeguarding

- Personal protection

- Protection of parking palces etc.

Property protection means first and foremost the prevention of any kind of bulglary, robbery or vandalism and reducing the chance of their realisation.

One effective way of this is the application of manpower as a trained security guard is always at present at the moment to solve any problem which may occure. Of course if he is entrusted with security by certain duties of protection, administration or surveying, according to the law no. 229§ of the Crimial Code, he must be defended in the same way as a fuctionary.

It is important for us to ensure the effectiveness of our services. In order to fulfil this requirement our safeguards are required to take part in various trainings and courses to improve their knowledge from time to time.

We create the detailed protection plan of each building or property free of charge to our respected customers.
Throughout the last 15 years of our work we have faced several challanges but we could meet all the requirements and the experience we gained helps us to solve any kind of problem which may occure in our job.

Camera systems

The security camera-systems in our collection provide solution for the protection of valuables and properties but beyond this they can also be useful in numerous other fields as a result of the many-sided utility of them.

Positive results that our partners can have:

- More effective control

- More profitable production management

- Man and veichle traffic becomes controllable

- The observance of rules and instructions can be checked

Regarding the above mentionned points, the reachable increasement of quantity and quality is the tool of further success for both of us!

The inside and outside cameras that you can find in our collection can be plugged in both analogue and digital video / image recorders and you can order them in a wide range of vaiety from easily hideable to the térfigyelő-sized one.

You can chose from numerous types from the black and white cameras to the high-quality colour ones. We also provide cameras with the ability of recording both images and sounds as well as ones that are able to record special night scenes or which are camuflaged to simple movement detectors.
Our partners can chose from various means of user-friendly recording technics as well.

Our digital systems are able to present and record images transmitted by even 16 cameras at the same time. They ensure easy utility and rovide various kinds of settings in order to fulfil our partners' requirements at the highest standards. The black and white cameras can be combined with coloured ones freely and it is also possible to record voice. Moreover, we can set continuous recording and only movement-activated ones as well in the systems.

We can provide high quality recording systems and devices at an affordable price to our partners and we discharge all requests whithin a short time. We also accept on-the-spot surveying at the whole territory of Hungary.

The construction works are made by our highly qualified personnel and we take both financial and moral responsibility for their work!

Our aim is to develop a long-time relationship with our partners so their satisfaction is the most important thing for us.

Should you need any help in the protection of construction projects, office buildings, residential parks / housing estates, busines premises, shops or even private houses, we are ready to be at your service!

Bulglar alarm systems

Beyond camera systems, we plan and install complex larm systems as well!

Our alarm systems are made with the most modern processor technics: beyond the basic functions, they are also able to notify a security team or even you!

Some of our basic alarm system packages can be found by clicking on "Lakossági ügyfelek részére" link on our website.

If you do not find the service you would like to apply, please contact us and we will survey the possibilities for free and provide you our customised offer!

Special services


The phone number you should NEVER need to call!

We let you in to your home or car WITHOUT causing any damage if your keys have been lost, stolen or broken or if you simply locked yourself out of your home.

In the territory of Dunaújváros on weekdays from 07h to 16h.

During the process of opening the door we do not force or break it and we do not cause any permanent damage on the edge, door-post and nor on the lock of it.

You can use your own old keys after we left!

In order to avoid any inconveniences that might occur we always require an identity card and a certificate of residance before we open a door. Similarly, a driving licence or an equal certificate is needed before we open a car / vehicle.

This service is subject to success fee which means that if we are not able to open the door, you do not have to pay for it.

Risk assessment:

Nowadays risk assessment goes closely together with several other factors of protection concerning production management of companies. In order to keep the work on the safe side we have to assess and handle the possible risks threatening our company correctly. We also have to acknowledge that property protection is a highly important part of our risk assessment in the current social conditions.
We can make a detailed prevention strategy for your request which includes the necessary conditions and organisaton of work concerning the area of protection.

Safety of information and secrecy:

The safety of information is now the factor of competition! We have to keep in mind that our competitors can have more information than we suspect and that they pay attention to the rates and services of the market constantly.

Our carelessness of security issues can cause the reduction of our partners' orders and we can have financial losses while we can also get left behind in the market easily. The widespread use of easily reachable and freely marketable monitoring devices and bugs mean a great challenge to the companies roviding security-based services nowadays.

Our company is eager to meet the new standards with first possibility and we provide high-qualitiy services to our customers with the most modern equipments and a well-tried personnel.
We accept the protection of private properties and offices against monitoring devices or bugs and also accept the safeguarding of whole events (business meetings, negotiations etc.) with discretion.
The services using radio-frequency devices or other monitring equipments are done only by our partners who can bear with properly authorised warranties.

We are looking forward to your respected enquiries!

Írjon nekünk! Protektor Special Bt.
2400 Dunaújváros
Babits M. u. 5. fsz. 4.
tel/fax: 25/281-454
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